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Bacon Cat – (Meme)

I’m not a cat person at all, BUT this is ridiculously AWESOME!!!


Bacon Cat - (Meme)

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Lying to be PERFECT

Lying to be perfect (2010) is a modern Cinderella movie that will make you re-evaluate your perspective in life and once again, believe in happy endings (at least for me). It is a must watch movie that will truly inspire you –  totally relatable to real life scenarios.

Poppy Montgomery a.k.a. Nola Devlin / Belinda Apple in the movie Lying to be Perfect

Poppy Montgomery a.k.a. Nola Devlin / Belinda Apple in the movie Lying to be Perfect



The story revolves around Nola Devlin (Poppy Montgomery), an overweight, frumpy magazine editor who is dissed by her co-workers for her appearance alone. She created a secret alter ego, Belinda Apple – a famous and reclusive advice columnist, to prove her co-workers otherwise. Nola and her two BFFs, tired of getting treated rudely based on their weight and their waist sizes made a pact (Cinderella Pact) to help each other loose weight in 4 months  inspired by Apple’s advises. But, as they loose dress sizes, they face real issues that will test their friendship and build their self-esteem.


"She's been there all along, You've just been looking on the outside, when you should have been looking in." -Deb

“She’s been there all along, You’ve just been looking on the outside, when you should have been looking in.” -Deb


Here are some quotes from the movie that I just love love love:

Was it hard? Yes. How did I do it? By reclaiming my power and getting out of my own way……”

“You should create the life you deserve.”

You want a life? Get one! Grant yourself a wish to change and stop complaining then do something.”

“Sometimes you have to close your eyes and read between the lines.”

“We are all similar, no matter what our size. Within each of us there is a unique beauty and grace.”

“She needed a fairy godmother to empower her with kind of self-confidence it takes to reject the insecurity brought on by unrealistic, overachieving,anorexic images in the media.”

“Can’t is not part of our vocabulary.”

“Nobody said this is gonna be easy, right?”

“Fat or thin, you deserve that job. You need to believe that you deserve it.”

“NO more broken cookies, NO more standing in the shadows, it’s time you took center stage.”

“There were people who told me that I was just a BIG GIRL with BIG DREAMS.”




You can watch the movie at this link :

Or you can also read the book it was based on entitled “The Cinderella Pact” by Sarah Strohmeyer.

Things I daydream about while I’m working

The Quarter Life Crisis of Emelia Nohart

1. The next time my phone rings it’s President Obama telling me there’s a really important mission that only I can be trusted with. “Do you trust me?” he asks. “Run.” Suddenly a SWAT team bursts through the office window and like Neo, I Matrix through that glass like it’s slow-moving snow. I steal someone’s motorcycle and drive across the border, finally making it the White House by nightfall, where Obama gives me a special mission. That’s as far as I’ve gotten with this one.

2. Tonight when I’m trying to sleep a team of flying childhood heroes will tap on my window and tell me I too, can fly. Sailor Moon inducts me as the newest member of her planetary circle after NASA discovers a new planet called Cosmra II.

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14 Reasons You’re Tired All the Time


Lack of sleep isn’t the only thing sapping your energy. Little things you do (and don’t do) can exhaust you both mentally and physically, which can make getting through your day a chore. Here, experts reveal common bad habits that can make you feel tired, plus simple lifestyle tweaks that will put the pep back in your step.

You skip exercise when you’re tired

Skipping your workout to save energy actually works against you. In a University of Georgia study, sedentary but otherwise healthy adults who began exercising lightly three days a week for as little as 20 minutes at a time reported feeling less fatigued and more energized after six weeks. Regular exercise boosts strength and endurance, helps make your cardiovascular system run more efficiently, and delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. So next time you’re tempted to crash on the couch, at least go for a brisk…

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